Working with precious metals

Selcraft UK  have honed their skills over the last 47 years to become a specialist in working with precious metals across a diverse range of bespoke products.

Selcraft’s work with precious metals has been recognised on an international level, with a recent commission for special medals produced in hallmarked sterling silver, the Steven Krulis Champion of Humanity Award, for the Kigali Genocide Memorial in Rwanda. Selcraft were further commissioned to create an enamel badge and now a badge made from hallmarked 925 sterling silver in a metal relief style and further enhanced with an electroplated coating of real gold.

All Selcraft UK’s precious metal items are independently assayed and each item individually hallmarked in the UK by Birmingham Assay Office. The local team believe in great customer service and superb quality, nothing leaves their workshops unless it’s perfect. With Selcraft’s ever growing reputation for designing and producing items that are original and creative, their expertise in working in precious metals is never more important.

Recently, the British Hallmarking Council (BHC) found that a third of gold jewellery sold online could be fake, so working with previous metals is a specialism saved for the few, rather than the many.

The BHC have a number of guidelines in place not only to help distinguish between real and fake metals, including checking with a jeweller about hallmarking, weight, size, discolourations and price, but also to ensure they’re described correctly too. The BHC describe precious metals as silver, palladium, gold and platinum which are “rarely used in their purest form but instead they are normally alloyed with lesser metals in order to achieve a desired strength, durability, colour etc.”

International Trade Advisor at Department from International Trade, Naomi Steemson, says: “It’s great to see Selcraft’s products being sold internationally. The UK is known for delivering to the highest standards of design and manufacture and Selcraft’s work with precious metals to produce these beautifully designed badges for the Kigali Genocide Memorial are a fantastic example of what they can do.”

All Selcraft’s products, whether produced in base metal electroplated or precious metals, recognise the endeavours and achievements of individuals, groups and organisations around the world.

Managing Director at Selcraft UK, Carl Huxley, said: “All our precious metal products offer extra kudos besides just the metal value alone when allied to our flair for creating attractive, aesthetical and desirable designs”

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