Leadership Development Series

In partnership with 3WH

Following the huge success of the Leadership Training Development Series in 2021, where over 60 business professionals were transformed into exceptional leaders, the Chamber is pleased to announce a new programme for 2022, in partnership with 3WH.

With a limited number of places available and in high demand, we are urging businesses to express their interest now in order to secure a place on this sought-after series.

Leadership Training Programme

The Leadership Development Series enters its 4th year and with it, we have compiled 6 new topics to enthuse leaders and ignite curiosity and development.

We have adapted the series to respond to the new way of working, so workshops will be held both face to face and virtually. With a large group of leaders, expertly facilitated by Lucy Barkas of 3WH, leadership expert, best-selling author and podcast host, you will be amongst great company to hear about leadership in 2022 and challenge yourself to level up. This six-part personal leadership programme will focus on topics that leaders, worldwide, are facing in the real world. You will hear theories, case studies, tips and tools that can be utilised


These sessions are designed to develop the future leaders of business, help unlock hidden potential in future CEOs and invest in the future of the people at the heart of businesses.

Managing flexible team working

Wednesday 27 April 2022 – Bank House Hotel*

Everything is now flexible. We will explore what flexible teamworking really looks like, remote, hybrid and on site and how you can flex your leadership.

How to delegate effectively

Wednesday 13 July 2022 – Via Zoom

Delegation skills are widely misunderstood and can be the difference between team performance or chaos. You will learn about your style and how to improve your communication.

Improving coaching skills

Wednesday 14 September 2022 – Bank House Hotel

One of the essential skills of a manager, coaching is a forward-focused tool to help create accountability and action. Find your coaching strengths and powerful go-to questions.

Engaging the next generation

Wednesday 9 November 2022 – Via Zoom

By 2025, 56% of the working population will be under 40 and they are an exciting generation who need a different approach to leadership. Learn how to engage and attract the best talent.

The importance of communication

Wednesday 18 January 2023 – Bank House Hotel

Just as we think we have mastered communication, a new working environment and tools are thrown at us. We look at why communication is vital and how to upskill across all mediums.

Ensuring employee wellbeing

Wednesday 29 March 2023 – Via Zoom

Unhappy people perform less. Understanding how to really take care of your people is essential for any leader and we will explore different approaches that could work for you.

How to book

Spaces are limited, so we’d like to encourage those interested to book early to guarantee your place.

All 6 workshops

£275+VAT for Chamber Members
£375+VAT for Non-members

1 workshop

£50+VAT for Chamber Members
£70+VAT for Non-members

To book your place for the entire series or for selected events please download and complete the application form, and return to

For more information email or call 01905673612

What Our Members Say

“When my colleague and I signed up for the leadership training we had very limited expectation of what this entailed. I did initially wonder if I really needed this training and if my time would be better spent elsewhere. From the onset though, I was very pleasantly surprised and within the first hour we had participated in a fun exercise which involved interacting with everyone on our table and getting to know them all. With the initial barriers broken down, the speaker – Sean Foley “The Emotional Intelligent leader” – began and what an interesting, knowledgeable and thought-provoking speaker he was!

I found myself questioning my own methods, how I could improve them and how to better utilise those recommended by Sean. The whole presentation was enjoyable and educational, leaving me wanting more.

On my return to the office I found myself implementing some of the techniques learned and used my new skills to think how to maximise individual and team performance. Even though I was unknowingly using emotional intelligence as a business leader before, understanding this subject more has helped me hone these skills, helping me to understand and manage the emotions of others, hopefully inspiring my team, and ultimately become a better leader. After setting up my company and putting my life and sole into it, you tend to focus on your employees and their development, rarely thinking of yourself. Attending the Chamber Leadership course has made me realise that if I want to develop with my team and continue to inspire, motivate and lead, I need to continue to develop myself.”

Reece James

Operations Director, Rock Power Connections

“The Leadership Series has been a great opportunity to refresh my knowledge, collaborate with peers and gain new initiatives to introduce into the business.  As NMiTE is a start-up, the areas we have covered in the Leadership Series will underpin the culture we would like to develop.   It has also been a great opportunity to understand how other businesses approach different ideas, and what has been successful and what hasn’t.  I highly recommend anyone that has the ability to influence a business to attend.”

Samantha Lewis

Head of HR, NMiTE

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