Guide to Business Direction Submissions

Upcoming themes and deadlines

From food and drink to manufacturing, awards and more, each edition of Business Direction has a new theme to help you raise your business profile in the two counties.

Upcoming editions:

March/April 2021 Edition

ThemeFuture Planning & Future Proofing

Articles could cover: Budget planning and management, setting business goals, adapting your product/service and launching a brand.

Copy deadline: 27 January 2021

May/June 2021 Edition

ThemeThe Power of People for Business Success

Articles could cover: Managing health and wellbeing in the workplace, employee engagement and collaboration while working remotely, attracting skilled workers, building an authentic presence on social media, delivering exceptional customer service.

Copy deadline: 31 March 2021

July/August 2021 Edition

Theme: Rejuvenation & Resilience

Articles could cover: Finding a new client base, looking for growth opportunities, accessing alternative sources of funding e.g. crowdfunding, staying agile as the market changes.

Copy deadline: 31 May 2021

September/October 2021 Edition

Theme: The UK in a changing world

Articles could cover: Navigating the new UK/EU relationship, starting or growing exports in a global market, accessing strategic International Trade advice, finding and capitalizing on new trade opportunities.

Copy deadline: 28 July 2021 

November/December 2021 Edition

Theme: Adapting to a Greener Economy

Articles could cover: Rethinking your environmental impact, the shift to a low carbon economy, building a business on sustainable foundations.

Copy deadline: 29 September 2021

January/February 2022 Edition

Theme: Making technology work for your business

Articles could cover: Implementing new technologies for efficiency and productivity, continuous innovation for an ever-changing world, harnessing the power of data, effective use of social media. 

Copy deadline: 29 November 2021

Guidelines for submitting articles (magazine)

Articles for the Business News, Charity News or Skills pages must be a maximum of 150 words. Articles for the Movers & Shakers pages should be no more than 80 words. Please ensure your submission is in a Word Document format.

Articles for Business News should reflect something newsworthy and should NOT be an advert for the business. Examples may include receiving an award, celebrating an anniversary, forming a new partnership or any other success story.

Images must be high resolution and should be a minimum of 1MB (and 300 dpi). They must be relevant to the article, and you do have the option of including a caption which you can insert into your written article.

All articles must have a headline and can include your website address at the end of the article.

Submissions must be clear to read and be written in the third person.

The theme of each edition runs through the Big Interview and the Cover Feature(s). Businesses are welcome to use the theme, but do not have to do this for regular articles.

Guidelines for submitting articles (online)

Stories submitted online will automatically be considered for the Business Direction magazine and/or outgoing newsletters, and shared on social media.

There is no word limit for stories and press releases submitted online, however if your article is picked up for the magazine please be aware it may be edited to 150-words for clarity.

Images must be high resolution and should be large enough for web (72 dpi). Please ensure your image is saved with the same title as your story to ensure the correct photograph is chosen when edited by a member of the Chamber team.

Stories submitted online will be approved within 48 hours by someone from the Chamber of Commerce providing they follow the guidelines.

Whilst we cannot guarantee inclusion in the printed Business Direction magazine, all online submissions will be included if the guidelines are followed.

There is no deadline for online submissions, however if you are looking for your article to also appear in the printed publication, we encourage you to refer to the deadlines above.

For more information, please contact the Marketing department on

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