Worcestershire: The BIG Conversation

Worcestershire businesses are being invited to join the Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) for its flagship event of 2023/24, ‘Worcestershire: The BIG Conversation’.

Taking place on Friday 23 February, ‘Worcestershire: The BIG Conversation’ will be a landmark event for the county, bringing together the public, private and education sectors to discuss the opportunities and challenges that face the county over the next 20 years.

With relevant topics at the heart of the event, attendees whether CEOs, Managing Directors, or business professionals, will not only have the chance to hear about the opportunities but actively engage in discussions that can influence and shape the local economy.

Worcestershire: The BIG Conversation will be split into three key themes, skills and training, innovation and growing your business. The conversation will cover workforce planning and how to create your future workforce, innovation and how we can grow innovation within Worcestershire and recognise when it is happening, and the county’s business support package, and how Worcestershire businesses can be supported to grow and prosper.

Each session will provide an overview of the current work being delivered by the Worcestershire LEP and its partners, as well as creating a pipeline with attendees of what future projects could be delivered to further grow Worcestershire.

Discussion and interactivity will be at the heart of the event. The Worcestershire LEP wants attendees to fuel the conversation around these topic areas and engage, debate and influence the LEP and its partners.

Places for ‘Worcestershire: The BIG Conversation’ can now be booked online by following the link below. Here is where attendees will also be able to find out more detail about the event, including timings, speakers and more as it is unveiled over the coming weeks.

The Worcestershire LEP would like as many attendees as possible to attend the event and is exploring all options for event delivery, with more details being shared in the coming weeks.

To find out more and reserve your FREE place, follow the link here. – https://hwchamber.co.uk/product/worcestershire-the-big-conversation-2024-02-23/