Worcester business woman hits Amazon bestseller

Publishing a book is never an easy task, launching in week one of lockdown in one of the toughest book categories could be reckless – or genius. Lucy Barkas, founder of 3WH, a leadership and team development consultancy and Author of LeaderX said, “I knew that the 2020’s would be the decade for the next generation of leaders, I had no idea they would be called upon in the third month of the decade”. However, LeaderX reach #1 in the Amazon hot new releases and top 10 in business leadership category. What’s more, the reviews and feedback have been 5 star.

Lucy predicts that during the 2020’s there will be the greatest transfer of leadership power, as Boomers retire, the next generation, X-Gen, step up, take control and lead with impact. They think differently and lead differently and will change the way we think about what work is and how it is done – and they need to be developed now.

In fact the opening chapter starts “Throughout our lives we all experience ‘our decade’. This
is the decade that defines us, shapes us and, in turn, we shape it. The 2020s is one of those decades that will go down in history as defining, momentous and significant. Its impact on people’s lives is still yet to be written, but one thing for sure is this will be the decade when GenX and the Xennials will come into their own.”

Lucy has been successfully developing leaders for years and in partnership with the Hereford and Worcester Chamber of Commerce, launched the Leadership Series which has been a huge success. She has collaborated with chamber member Richard Hurst to release the LeaderX podcast which is being celebrated internationally.

The book can be bought via all online book stores.