Worcester Business Sets Up Coronavirus Support Group

Worcester based company The Christmas Decorators have set up an online support group to help fellow businesses deal with the current Coronavirus crisis. The Facebook group entitled ‘Businesses Beat Corona’ was set up on Monday 16th March with the intention that businesses will be able to help and support each other buy sharing information, advice and encouragement.

The directors at the Christmas Decorators, Paul and Ali have recognised the need for a place where businesses can turn to find information. The information already shared by other businesses ranges from HR support and legal advice to tech support and insurance guidance. There have also been many valuable words of encouragement for each other as the business community has once again come to together during tough times.

Talking of the company’s idea to set up the group, Director of The Christmas Decorators Paul Chester explains, “We pride ourselves on being a small, family business and wanted to do what we could to support other businesses. We know that there is a lot of knowledge out there that would help everyone during these uncertain times and we thought it would help if it was all in one place.” He adds, “We know that everyone is concerned from a personal point of view but there are many questions in the business community that remain unanswered and by sharing knowledge and expertise, we can support each other. It has also been lovely to see the words of support and encouragement that people have been giving to one another.

If you feel like this group could provide support to you and your business or if you’d like to make an advisory contribution to this page, you can find us on: https://www.facebook.com/groups/899918727130668/ or search for ‘Businesses Beat Corona’

For more information about the Facebook Support Group ‘Businesses Beat Corona’ please contact The Christmas Decorators on 01905 814026 or alternatively email paul.chester@thechristmasdecorators.com.