Worcester 10KM & Half Marathon September 15 2024

I’m putting a team of 50+ runners together, to take part in either the Worcester 10K or Worcester half marathon on September 15. Each runner will hopefully raise a load of money for the fabulous Acorns Charity.

When you sign up, we will have fun training together and you will receive superb support from the following 😊

1. We’ll have Ryan Sneddon from Worcester Physiotherapy providing 1-2-1 guidance on injury prevention and support towards a workable training schedule based on your running experience.
2. Amy Read, our wellness coach and personal trainer will offer support, advice and guidance even on things like nutrition and diet.
3. Dave Bird is a qualified running coach and can help everyone with tweaks to their running technique – he came 3rd in the Edinburgh marathon, so knows a thing or two about running.
4. Acorns also have support to offer with your fundraising efforts, goody bags for runners, running vests and entry is free for all runners for the charity.
5. From March until September we will meet each week on Wednesday’s at 6.00pm at Pitchcroft car park, adjacent to Worcester racecourse to train together, support one another and have a right good laugh while doing it!

Our goal is to get 50+ signed up runners by March, the more Chambers members who can run the better!

You can register below, if you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call or drop me a line. (steve.ennis@businessdoctors.co.uk)

We will be delighted when we get 50 runners, but if we can get more then that’s even better. How about your whole team taking part and running for Acorns Hospice.

So don’t delay….
Book your place!
Spread the word!
Get your trainers on!
Let’s do this!