What is CAD software and what is it used for?

After 30 years in the CAD industry, Peter Jones (Not the rich one!) shares his thoughts on CAD software and what he calls the “Latent CAD efficiency”, in most companies who use CAD software.

Even if your company doesn’t use such software, there’s a good chance that the contractors who fitted your plugs, lights and heating, used “As fitted” CAD drawings to have their work approved.

Autocad was the shining star of the investment world, when it first appeared in the UK during the 80’s. It started a CAD revolution in a market, where typically a 6 figure sum was needed. Before a company could invest in a CAD mini-computer with a limited number of terminals.

That investment continues to this day, so that current CAD software is now far more powerful and efficient than those early versions. However this has lead to an enigma. Take any group of CAD software users and there will be a stark contrast in CAD skills and efficiency.

That’s latent CAD efficiency, which can affect anything from cash flow to overall profitability.

It doesn’t help that experienced CAD operators are in short supply. No-one wants to upset their Key workers. So perhaps they should be asked.

Especially as any efficiency gains, should work for the benefit of both employer and employee.

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