Westfield Health Divided Together Report

Westfield Health have produced an in-depth, 1,500-person study that looks at the physical and mental wellbeing of the country, with a focus on our changing experiences, attitudes and expectations of work. The report has identified that the UK workforce is divided by their lockdown experiences and the workplace will be one of the first places to feel the consequences of those divides.
Businesses will need to focus on bridging these tensions and rifts, as well as increased expectations around wellbeing and ways of working to return to productivity.
Key findings include:

  • 35% believe furloughed workers have less to worry about
  • 66% of furloughed parents and 56% of all furloughed workers report a negative impact on mental health
  • 51% of workers at home think their colleagues are doing less than they say they are
  • 46% believe that others are using their kids as an excuse for doing less work
  • Less than a third of home workers want to go back to the office in July
  • 28% want more support from their employer


  • You can access the report here.

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