Welcome New Members – Silver Scope Media!

Silver Scope Media is an award-winning digital agency combining creativity with a deep technical understanding to create transformative digital experiences. They have worked with clients from Hereford to Queensland and helped businesses design, develop and deploy brand showcases and eCommerce websites that convert clicks into sales.

From full-service website development to digital campaigns that drive organic growth – Silver Scope Media is driven by data and fuelled by passion.

At its core, its focus is on full-service web design and development, developing bespoke tools, features and integrations that elevate service-based businesses and eCommerce stores to the next level. From better sales management in the form of ERP/CRM integrations to capturing abandoned shopping carts through email sequencing, their goal is to craft website experiences that convert.

They also provide data-driven digital growth in the form of monthly SEO services. Based on results rather than commitments, their bespoke approach to search engine optimisation turns the technical into tangible.

About the founder, Omri.

Omri’s digital background started in 2009 when he developed and grew one of the largest worldwide mobile phone unlocking service for Symbian phones, before the OS was discontinued. Having gained over 300k users to the SaaS model, he took the knowledge developed and started to form the business that is here today.

To find out more, please visit us at www.silverscopemedia.com or contact Omri on 01432 483163.