Webinar to Help SME Law Firms Become Data Driven to Improve Long-term Success

How to utilise the data that SME law firms store to optimise for long-term success will be discussed by a panel of expert guest speakers in the first episode of the Build Better Habits second webinar series, presented by legal software provider Osprey Approach.

Hosting the event is Amy Bruce, marketing manager at Osprey Approach, who will be joined by CJ Anderson, director at data governance firm, Iron Carrot, Ian Hopkins, senior consultant at management consultancy CPM21, and Sam Jordan, COO at InfoTrack, provider of digital conveyancing solutions. As well as looking at what it means to be data-led, the panel will discuss the habits that successful firms adopt and offer practical tips for becoming more data-driven.

Amy Bruce said: – “In a competitive market, modern law firms need to implement effective business habits that help to streamline legal operations and improve long-term success. We believe there are four fundamental mindsets law firms should adopt that we’ll explore in our Build Better Habits webinar series.

“For the first episode in series two, I am delighted to be joined by our guest speakers, who collectively offer extensive expertise and knowledge of helping SME law firms unlock opportunities hidden in their data to benefit long-term success.

“I’m looking forward to hosting what is set to be a lively and thought-provoking discussion whilst providing our attendees with practice advice and valuable tips, which they can implement within their own practices.”

Webinar details: –
• Title: Becoming data-driven: How modern law firms can continuously optimise with real-time data
• Location: online
• Cost: free
• Date & time: Thursday 24 August 2023, 10.00am

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Details of the four-part webinar, series two of Build Better Habits, are available here: