Web business switches to local hosting firm

Local web development agency Worcester Web Studio has moved its web hosting to Worcester-based Simply Hosting in a bid to improve efficiency and stability.

Worcester Web Studio hosts a wide range of websites, from one-page brochure sites to complex ecommerce websites and custom-built web platforms, and this requires a variety of hosting options, from simple shared hosting to fully-managed virtual private servers and dedicated servers.

As hosting technology evolves, some hosts fail to keep up with the latest updates, while others keep themselves at the cutting edge of change.

Ray Gillespie, director of Worcester Web Studio, said: “It’s our responsibility to ensure that the web hosts we use and recommend to clients offer the performance and reliability required for modern websites. If we feel that a particular platform is starting to fall behind, we need to ensure that our clients and their websites don’t fall behind with it.”

Simply Hosting, a sister company of Namesco, specialises in working closely with their customers to find the right hosting infrastructure for their business. Their UK-based team make even the most complex requirements simple, with services ranging from VPS and public cloud to the creation of bespoke IT infrastructures.

Abhinav Mathur, Commercial Manager of names.co.uk and Simply Hosting.com, explained the service they offer:

“Simply offer a state-of-the-art data centre, infrastructure and network that allows us to offer our customers a compelling and robust product with 24/7/365 onsite technical support in our Reading data centre.”

After some concerning drops in performance with one of their hosting suppliers, Worcester Web Studio began looking for a new hosting company. After being introduced to Abhinav and his team at the Love Local Expo in 2018, Ray quickly realised that Simply Hosting would be an ideal platform for the agency’s website hosting requirements:

“We were really lucky to find a local company that offers such a reliable and well-supported hosting platform. We get the dual benefits of a fantastic hosting platform, and the extra support that comes with working with a local company. It’s great to know that if we ever have any problems, the guys down the road will be there to fix them.”

Likewise, Simply Hosting have their UK headquarters in Worcester and are always keen to develop local ties, as explained by Abhinav:

“We recognise the benefit Worcester Web Studio has over others as they are purely a digital agency, rather than a graphic or print design company, which gives them a specialist focus on the services they offer in Worcester and the surrounding areas.”

To find out more about the businesses, head to www.worcesterwebstudio.com or www.simplyhosting.com, or call Ray on 01905 641232 and Abhinav on 01905 342 387.