Visicon Turns 10!

2022 is starting with a bang for Visicon, they are turning 10! Visicon would like to thank all the customers, suppliers and friends that they have made over the past decade. The world of machine vision and Cobots has seen a lot of growth, change and evolution. Visicon’s customer have faced new and varied challenges, especially in recent years and it is a matter of great pride that they have been able to assist so many businesses in improving their automated processes.

Since it is their birthday they are making the following free offer to all members:

Automation assessments, to help you decide where you can benefit most in your production from automation. You answer a few questions about your business, your current production layout and automation use/requirement. They can then advise where implementing vision and or Cobots may help streamline your production. It’s that simple.

Virtual Cobot demonstrations are available to show you how simple, easy and safe our Cobot products are to use. If you have an interest in looking at this rapidly used technology but not sure what it looks like and how it can be used, Visicon will arrange an online meeting where we will talk you through the Robots; discuss software and the many areas it can and currently is being used in. It is a fantastic opportunity to have all your questions answered and see if a Cobot can do what you want it too.

For more information please visit