Virtual IT Training – Practicalities

As well as running many onsite courses we now use Webex for our virtual training courses.

Here are tips for delivering a successful virtual IT course.

Its split into 3 sections

  1. Equipment
  2. Plan the course
  3. Techniques to enhance the training


We use:

A good quality microphone, an external web cam positioned centrally on the top of the monitor, good speakers and a LED ring light with a tripod facing the presenter.

A trainee having poor equipment leads to a poorer training experience.

Planning the course

Smaller group sizes of between 4 and 6 are preferable especially when screen sharing is so important.

Send out course notes, exercise files and Webex invites well in advance and re-check they have been received and understood. Maybe engage in a test Webex session too.

Our courses always have 3 breaks especially important for virtual training when trainees are sitting focussing on several windows on their laptop.

Techniques to enhance the training

During the course include all the trainees by asking each review questions to affirm learning.

Use the chat window and encourage use of it for the audience too.

Use breakout rooms for problem solving exercises. We train in Excel and it is a great benefit to pair up people for some problem solving exercises.

Use feedback and review questions at the end of each session.

Have some fun and share experiences.

For more information on our virtual training please visit on web site