Vat Made Simple with Ormerod Rutter

Learn about VAT and how to avoid some of the common traps that businesses fall into, during our webinar with VAT expert, David Pegg.

About this event

During this session you will learn:

  • When you need to register for VAT
  • Whether all of your income is subject to VAT
  • If you can benefit from the reduced VAT rates or exemptions
  • If you can claim back VAT on costs
  • What records you need to keep
  • Whether there are any special schemes available
  • Exporting implications of VAT and what you need to do
  • How imports of goods or services are dealt with
  • Common traps that new businesses fall into and how to avoid them

The Tax that causes business owners the most amount of confusion, is VAT.

Debunk some of the myths and gain clarity around the VAT implications and your business in our FREE webinar: VAT Made Simple. Presented by VAT Expert, David Pegg.

Brought to you by Worcestershire based Chartered Accountants, Ormerod Rutter.


Date and time

Wed, 26 January 2022

11:00 – 12:00 GMT

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