Unlocking Success: Join Real World Consultancy for a Focus Zone day

Real World Consultancy (RWC), a multi award-winning, forward-thinking business coaching company based in Worcestershire dedicated to driving growth and empowerment within the local business community, is excited to announce its upcoming event aimed at igniting the local economy and propelling businesses toward success.

The latest research shows that over 73% of business owners admit to having felt lonely whilst running their company and RWC is on a mission to support entrepreneurs and founders in the county.

The eagerly anticipated Focus Zone, is hosted by Worcestershire-based RWC, is set to bring together a diverse range of local businesses. For B2B and B2C business owners this event is designed to unite entrepreneurs, founders, and businesses who are eager to take their ventures to new heights.

Scheduled for Thursday 28th September the Focus Zone serves as an opportunity for delegates to reflect on their accomplishments during 2023 and strategically plan for a successful Q4 and beyond. Drawing from the collective wisdom of experts and fellow business professionals, participants will leave the event with not only a fresh perspective but also a meticulously crafted, actionable plan to drive their enterprises forward.

Kate Bennett, The HR Hero, shared her enthusiasm for the previous event, stating, “I absolutely loved the Focus Zone. It provided me, as a business owner, with invaluable insights to plan not only for the next quarter but for the entire year ahead. This event is a must-attend for business owners, senior leaders, and anyone responsible for team success.”

Emma White, Director of RWC, emphasised that many entrepreneurs and business owners often find themselves isolated and unsure of how to propel their businesses forward. In response, RWC is committed to offering quarterly Focus Zones, empowering owners to shift their focus from working in their businesses to working on them. According to Emma, “At RWC, we don’t just offer business coaching; we infuse it with strategic planning and service definition. This potent blend ensures that our clients cultivate their skills and drive their businesses to success. Regardless of where you are on your entrepreneurial journey, well-defined strategic plans are the key to turning long-term success into a reality.”

Mark your calendars for the upcoming Focus Zone, scheduled for Thursday, September 28th, at the RWC HQ, The Coachyard, Cowsden Hall Farm is conveniently 10 minutes from at M5 J6. To secure your spot, email Emma, Esther, or Eliza at support@realworldconsultancy.org. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to propel your business toward a future of growth and achievement.