Unique recycling initiative aims to cut car seat landfill waste


Staff at JMDA are passionate about the environment and supporting green initiatives to minimise landfill waste and damage to the environment. The firm’s unique “Nursery Recycling Initiative” aims to minimise the impact of JMDA’s nursery design products on the environment. In breaking down unused Child Restraint Systems (CRS) into recyclable parts which can be sold as scrap, JMDA hope to raise a sum of money which they can donate to local children’s charities.

Derrick Barker, JMDA’s Creative and Managing Director said: “Our responsibility as innovators spans beyond the design and manufacture of nursery products and innovative CRS. JMDA aims to design practical products with a beneficial impact on local and global communities, that support social wellbeing, but which don’t impact negatively on the environment.”

With the support of local environmental companies, worldwide supplies and global manufacturers, JMDA will put pressure on the industry to develop a fully recyclable CRS that meets the needs of consumers and regulatory bodies alike.