UK set to ditch exit talks in June if no progress is made

The UK has warned the EU it will walk away from trade talks in June unless there is progress and a ‘broad outline’ of a deal.

If the government cannot see clear progress being made in the negotiations with the EU over the future relationship, by June, with the aim of finalising a deal by September, then it will walk away from talks and go forward with a no deal exit.

Michael Gove has told MP’s the UK had hopes of striking a comprehensive free trade agreement in 10 months.

The government has published its 30 page document outlining its priorities for the talks in which it says the UK will not negotiate any arrangements in which the UK does not have control of its own laws and political life and that if a deal is not made the country will rely on World Trade Organisation rules under an arrangement with the EU if progress on a comprehensive deal cannot be made.

The UK’s negotiating mandate includes a liberalised market for trade in goods, with no tariffs, fees, charges or restrictions on trade.