Thursfields Proudly Supports Rising Triathlete Olive Thomas

West Midlands Law firm, Thursfields, is delighted to announce its support of Olive Thomas, a talented 13-year-old triathlete from Clent who attends Haybridge High School. Olive’s dedication and outstanding achievements in the world of triathlon have caught the attention of the firm, prompting them to support her promising athletic career.

Olive’s passion lies in triathlon, a demanding sport that combines swimming, cycling, and running. Her commitment to excellence is evident through her involvement with various clubs, including Halesowen Tri, Wyre Forest Swimming Club, and Halesowen Athletics and Cycling Club. This well-rounded training approach has enabled Olive to develop her skills in all three disciplines and establish herself as a force to be reckoned with in the triathlon community.

Shane Miller, Family Law Director at Thursfields said “I am truly inspired by Olive’s incredible journey. With determination and passion, she has already achieved remarkable feats, becoming the U13 Girls Worcestershire and Warwickshire Cross Country Champion and the U13 Girls West Midlands Cross Country Champion. Olive’s exceptional talent and unwavering dedication fuel our excitement as we eagerly follow her path to reach the pinnacle of her sport.”

Olive emerged victorious in the 2022 West Midlands British Triathlon Junior Series in the Tristar 2 age group, and, as she transitions into the Tristar 3 age bracket, she embarks on a new chapter in her triathlon journey. Her outstanding performances this season leave her convincingly at the top of the West Midlands British Triathlon Junior Series, and the upcoming race at Mallory Park in Leicestershire on June 25th holds great significance for her. Not only could a strong showing solidify her position as the series leader, but it is also the qualifier for West Midlands team selection for this year’s IRCs, to be held at Mallory Park in September.

Olive has great ambitions and said “Once I have completed Tristar 3 I hope to be considered for the Midlands Regional Academy. There is tough competition, but I am passionate and committed to making the squad, and long term hope to represent my country in the Olympics.”

The academy serves as a hub for the most talented young triathletes in the Midlands, offering exceptional opportunities for growth and development in the sport.