The Chamber Welcomes Worcester City Women FC (WCWFC)

Worcester City Women FC (WCWFC), established in 2021, is a determined participant in a movement sweeping the nation and, quite frankly, the globe: women’s football. Since England’s Euro Success in 2022, the Women’s Super League (tier 1) has seen an increase of over 200% in match day attendances, not to mention the 17.4 million fans who watched the Euro Final on BBC One.

These sorts of record-breaking numbers have hit the headlines on almost a weekly basis, and Worcester City Women FC has ambitions to steal the show; here is how.
Currently competing at the top end of the table in the West Midlands League (5th Tier) with realistic promotion hopes, Worcester City Women are committed to progressing through the leagues, and players, staff, and volunteers are subscribed to this mission. Our vision is clear: to be one of the UK’s leading women’s football clubs, fostering strong community bonds, maintaining sustainable and inclusive actions, and preserving the long tradition of developing young talent.

Worcester City differs from other teams in the football pyramid because we are our own entity, independent of the men’s game, developing our own sponsors, building our own infrastructure, and standing on our own two feet. This approach allows us to associate with brands and organisations that manifest similar ambitions; visionaries whose investment in the professionalisation of women’s sport, particularly football, will transfigure the community and its inhabitants.

Football is the world’s game; it has a global reach and appeal, and the United Kingdom is a hub of this fascination. While the women’s game continues its upward trajectory, more of the global footballing population will be fixated on England, observing the behaviour of clubs, sponsors, and partnerships; let’s show them how it’s done.

Help us write a new chapter in the story of women’s football.

For further information and how you can support us please contact Nicole Allison on