TDM are a Worcestershire Skills-Boost Approved Partner for Talent Experience Coaching

By Derrin Kent

Please contact us at or 0333 10 100 40 if you want to set up a discovery conversation with our MD & Director of Studies, Derrin Kent, to learn about how our match-funded coaching can improve Talent Experience for your company/organisation, because Company = People.

The Development Manager (TDM) are probably best known in Worcestershire for making tech succeed by delivering the whole journey for aspiring tech professionals. TDM do this from Beginner Bootcamps, through to Apprenticing individuals as Technicians and Technologists and onto becoming BSc (Hons) Degree-achieving Technology Leaders and Solutions Professionals (Tech, Cyber, Data, AI, Developer, Multimedia, Digital, Marketer).

We are increasingly proud of this social contribution and The Development Manager are also increasingly learning from our employer partners and their employee learners alike, that soft skills are the new hard skills! This is why we send in two types of coach on our Apprenticeships delivery model (Hard + Soft Skills Coaches).

Whilst employers are telling us that Millennial and Gen Z workers are difficult to manage, our apprentices are simultaneously telling us that they are struggling to feel seen and heard at work.

The workforce is ageing, and people are leaving your workforces before you capture their knowledge digitally, in order to pass their deep experience and understanding on as knowledge assets to your next generation workforce.

Your modern-day workers are very willing to quit if they feel they are not achieving opportunities to understand and identify with your company’s purpose. To systematically work with you to achieve mastery in their professional roles and/or to have clear digital engagement systems which allow them to learn and contribute their autonomy and creativity towards your company’s missions.

They need to “feel” (see image)

So, TDM have decided to do something practical about it.  Do get in touch if:

1.    You need or want our help on this

2.    You are willing to allocate a budget to engage our Talent Experience work