Students’ CPR Awareness Efforts Earn National Award Shortlisting

An event to raise awareness of the importance of learning CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) has seen students at the University of Worcester up for a national award.

Those who worked together to bring about the 24-hour CPR Training Marathon fundraiser back in March have been shortlisted in the National Societies and Volunteering Awards.

Worcester Students’ Union’s Raise and Give (RAG) team along with the Paramedic Society are in the running for the Collaboration Award.

The University’s LOCO Show Co, a musical theatre society, was longlisted for the Wellbeing Award, while the Debate Society were longlisted for the Opportunities for All Award. These Awards recognise the contributions of student volunteers and student-led societies from UK higher and further education institutions. The groups were chosen from 340 nominations from more than 50 universities.

Student Jack Lambert, the RAG Team leader who spearheaded the CPR event, said: “I am so proud of the whole team who made the CPR Training Marathon event possible. It would not have been possible without the support from all the amazing students and staff involved. This was the second year of running this event and I am so lucky to have had the support in organising this event again.”

RAG is run by a student committee who spend time organising fundraising events and other activities to raise money for nominated charities. The student-run CPR Training Marathon raised money for charity, but also aimed to get as many people learning the skill as possible and see how many students and staff could participate and perform CPR in 24 hours. More than 200 people took part.

One mannequin was being resuscitated at all times, alongside a number of drop-in stations where people could learn the skill, have a go and take part if they wished to.

The RAG team and volunteers worked together with the Paramedic Society, who supported by coordinating equipment, helping to teach CPR throughout the 24 hours, promoting the event and their members taking part in a large number of stints on the mannequin.

Paramedic Society Chair, Eryn Orme, said: “We are so elated to have been shortlisted, and are so grateful for everyone who helped us achieve this and raise the money and awareness that we did. We gave students the ability to save a life if the situation should ever arise, which is a massive achievement and may result in someone, one day, surviving a cardiac arrest because of our event. We could not have done this, however, without our student paramedics, who stayed for long hours, teaching students who were unsure of how to perform the skill, whilst also educating on its importance and how to recognise a cardiac arrest.”

Meg Lee, Vice President for Student Activities for Worcester Students’ Union, said: “It is so fantastic to see four student groups longlisted, and two shortlisted, for the NSVAs as it shows how hard the societies at Worcester work. They put on events for students, fundraise, help students integrate into the university community and are a big part of student experience for so many. We are so proud to have put them forward as the work these student groups have been nominated for is no small thing: inclusion, wellbeing, life-saving training. They really are fantastic and they deserve to be rewarded for their hard work.”

Awards will be decided at a ceremony on Tuesday, May 23 in Reading.

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