Serco Restart Scheme Arrange Work Experience Programme with Great Success

The Restart Scheme is part of the Government’s wider ‘Plan for Jobs’ programmes to help people develop their skills so they can find sustainable employment. Serco delivers the Restart Scheme in West Central England on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

The Serco Restart Scheme have been running 10-day work experience sessions for individuals (participants) on the Restart Scheme since July 2022. The work experience programme gives participants 40 hours of activities over a 2-week period and covers 5 functional areas of the Restart Scheme. These are Social Value initiatives, Operational activities, working with the Training and Development Team, Employer Engagement work and Partnership Team related work. This then gives participants tangible, recent work experience they can add to their CV and talk about at interviews.

Watch this short video to learn about how Emma and Nikita have now found sustainable employment with Serco on the Restart Scheme after completing the sessions:

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