Selcraft’s recognition pins and service awards are extra special

With a flair for creative design, Midlands-based production company Selcraft UK are widely recognised as prominent medalists, insignia and badge-makers of extra special staff service and recognition pins.

The team at Selcraft have been working alongside large organisations since 1973 and have recently undertaken an assignment with a well-established guild, resulting in special commissions for a total of 7 styles of staff recognition pins – all differentiated by various metal effects, enamels and stones – to provide staff with a unique way of being recognised for their achievements. This worldwide organisation, which has 23,000 members in the UK, approached Selcraft in 2016 to design just a few service recognition badges, the order has now grown to 7 designs enabling Selcraft to fulfil the organisation’s ongoing requirements.

Service or achievement pins are a meaningful recognition of an employee’s or member’s dedication and loyalty. The accomplishment or motivational badges are produced and worn with pride, reflecting the identity and values of the organisation as well as the importance of the recipients. Often employees are an organisation’s greatest asset, so recognition programmes utilising pin badges are a cost effective method, compared to the initial costs of investment in recruitment and training.

Carl Huxley, Director at Selcraft UK, said:

“Staff recognition pins are discussion starters, reflecting an organisations employee focussed culture and are worn proudly by those who receive them as a benefit. It seems that staff who attain rewards are more likely to promote and perform for that organisation, and clients are given confidence in both the individual’s ability as well as the organisation as a whole. They motivate with flair as they hold such symbolic honour and are a meaningful gesture of appreciation. Award pins are one of the least expensive honours, with the highest returns on investment, there are for an organisation. The cost of these awards are generally minimal when compared to bonuses and other forms of employee or member incentives.”

Selcraft UK have been creating award-winning insignia for over 45 years and have found that they are very valuable to employers and employees alike, enabling them to enhance employee self-esteem, value and self-worth which in turn promotes a positive culture within the organisation.

If you’re thinking about introducing a reward system to your business, then staff recognition pins could be the answer. For further information about the special service awards call the team at Selcraft on 01886 833444 or visit – locally and globally since 1973.

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