Sales Nova expands and joins Herefordshire & Worcestershire Chamber

Sales Nova, the growing interim executive leadership & consultancy business based in Kidderminster, is pleased to announce that with its expansion it has joined the Hereford & Worcester Chamber of Commerce.

Sales Nova Limited was founded in 2010 with the vision to take a commercially-led strategic approach to help shareholders & senior management teams achieve sustainable growth in the value of their organisations.

The business serves both the private and the public sectors, and clients include Private Equity, listed & privately held companies, and Councils. Sales Nova helps organisations in the UK to grow profit & revenue domestically & globally, and helps overseas organisations seeking to enter the UK market.

Dr David Gillett, Sales Nova’s CEO, commented “We are delighted to have joined the Hereford & Worcester Chamber of Commerce. We want to play an active role in the promotion of our vibrant and growing region. We also want to put something back into the community, with each of our interim executives offering some of their time to take on a mentee who is new to a C-Suite role in another company in the region and provide 1:1 mentoring to help them to develop in the role. Mentoring was instrumental to me in my own progression and success in past Director and CEO roles.”

Most recently Sales Nova led the commercial transformation programme to set up and mobilise Aragon Direct Services, the Peterborough Limited Local Authority Trading Company (LATCo) for Peterborough City Council, a Unitary Authority. Sales Nova developed and led the programme to transition over £10m of high-profile public services and the TUPE transfer 400 employees from Amey, to deliver public services in the most cost-effective way through a Teckal compliant LATCo.

To contact Sales Nova, email or visit their website