RWC in Worcester Takes A Leap Forward: Welcoming Four New Coaches To Ignite Micro Business Success!

Real World Consultancy (RWC) a Worcestershire-based pioneering business coaching company known for its commitment to fostering business growth and overcoming obstacles for micro and small businesses, is thrilled to announce a great leap forward by recently welcoming four new business coaches to the team. Welcome Gary Hopkins, Sophie Weller, Vicky Hoey and Nick French.

This expansion reflects RWC’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional guidance and support to its clients by offering even greater expertise and flexibility to meet the diverse needs of micro-business owners across the UK.

‘As we expand our team and move into larger office spaces, we are not only adapting to growth but embracing it,’ noted Emma Fishlock.’ These developments signify our ongoing commitment to creating a supportive environment for both our team and our clients. We are enthusiastic about the opportunities these changes will bring and the positive impact they will have on the businesses we serve.’