Professionals gather at Hereford Women’s Business Forum

Tuesday 4 February saw 45 people attend the Hereford Women’s Business Forum, in association with Hereford Racecourse. The event is aimed at business people from across the county, not just women, and is held at family friendly hours.

The day, which was held at Hereford Racecourse welcomed a number of guest speakers including, Mandy Nicholls, from Save the Children to discuss celebrating their centenary year. Also welcomed was Jan Bailey, from Practical PR and Marketing who discussed the changes in the world of marketing and PR over the last decade.

The event continues to prove very popular with Hereford business professionals and allows for plenty of networking whilst listening to informative and interesting speakers on a variety of business topics which prove useful for attendees.

Feedback from the Women’s Business Forums is often that whilst never excluding anyone, groups with common features – be that business sector, gender, age or anything else – value the opportunity to discuss similar thoughts or challenges they face regarding the issue of women in business.

With the widely reported national issues around gender equality in senior positions, and the gender pay gap, it is important that forums like this that give not only women, but business people in general the opportunity to discuss and share experiences and information that could be used as a whole to support more women in business.

Sharon Smith, Chief Executive of The Herefordshire & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce, said: “I’m passionate about ensuring that all individuals are given equal opportunities in every role within business – from the boardroom to the shop floor, there is so much to be gained by a true and genuine mix of all our combined skills and individualities.”

“Giving a platform for like-minded individuals to share and discuss the barriers that are currently in place is important in improving the number of women in business and in senior positions.”

The recently held Worcester Women’s Business Forum also proved popular with guests, the combined attendance across the two counties’ events was nearly 100 people.

The next Hereford Women’s Business Forum is scheduled for Tuesday 19 May 9.30-11.30am. For further information please contact our Events team by email: or call 01905 673 633.