Parallel Lines relinquishes grounds maintenance business

Worcestershire based line marking company Parallel Lines have recently relinquished the grounds maintenance side of the business to focus on line marking and surface preparation.

When the business began trading in 2012, grounds maintenance was the main service offered with line marking coming later. Over the years as the demand for line marking has increased, as well as the addition of the surface preparation service, the decision was made to sell the grounds maintenance and focus on the continued growth of line marking.

Speaking about the decision owner David Mann said:
“It was a hard decision to let go of a part of the business which had been there from the start, but it was becoming more difficult to manage two quite different sides of the business. Now we can concentrate all of our efforts on line marking and surface preparation and continue to grow as we have been.

“We have been winning larger line marking contracts over the last few years and now we can invest more time in developing the team and the business.”

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