Independent legal software provider Osprey Approach is delighted to announce the launch of its second webinar series, which aims to help SME law firms establish good business habits for long term success.

Following positive feedback for Osprey’s first webinar series, the second series intends to provide law firm leaders with important insights across four key mindsets, namely: the importance of being data-driven to optimise operations; how pricing models impact the client experience, how to build an agile workplace culture to empower employees; and, how to mitigate risk with a digital-first mindset.

The Build Better Habits webinar series is free to attend and will feature guest speakers from key industry bodies including InfoTrack and the ILFM, as well as leading independent consultants and SME law firm leaders.

The first webinar (24 August) will look at how firms can become more data-driven and specifically, how real-time data can positively impact decision making and optimisation.

The second webinar (21 September) will focus on how to build a client-focused brand to improve competitiveness and the client experience. The panel will look at how law firms’ pricing models help to achieve these goals.

Empowering employees is the theme of the third webinar (5 October) and the panel will discuss how law firms can successfully build an agile, digital-first culture.

The fourth and final episode in the series (16 November) will focus on the benefits of adopting a digital-first approach to mitigate risk and stay compliant.

Osprey’s marketing manager and webinar series host, Amy Bruce, said: – “The insights from the latest LPM 2023 Frontiers report found that the top three priorities for SME law firms are improving the client experience; building a more agile and digital-first culture; and, becoming more data-driven in decision making.

“Against this backdrop, our second webinar series intends to shine a light on the ways that SME law firms can achieve these objectives for long term success. We believe that practices should adopt four key mindsets; our webinar series will explore each one in turn, drawing on the experience and expertise of our guest speakers and their specialist knowledge within the legal sector.”


 Webinar series details and links: –


  1. Becoming data-driven: How modern law firms can continuously improve with real-time data

Date and time: – Thursday 24 August at 10.00am

Register and book here:  https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/6416896713493/WN_QcbgsXEIQaW9__zx2-FMZg


  1. Pricing models: their role in helping modern law firms build a client-focused brand

Date and time: – Thursday 21 September – 10.00am

Register and book here: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/1016896740980/WN_LCMt-SHmQHqKXFpAl646fw


  1. Empower Employees: How to build an agile, digital-first culture

Date and time: – Thursday 5 October – 10.00am

Register and book here: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/5416896774147/WN_PjKwnn-ARfGad0wOrjZgCg


  1. Think digital-first: How modern law firms can mitigate risk and stay compliant through legal tech

Date and time: – Thursday 16 November – 10.00am

Register and book here: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/6016896802128/WN_7MlbB6rrRy-9VO3LEqKurA