Onside around Worcestershire

Daniel Walton, Managing Director of OLPRO and Trustee for Onside Advocacy, will be walking the Worcestershire Border, starting on Saturday 16 March.

Daniel will take on 187 miles spread over 7 days (6 nights), going from Tenbury to north of Kidderminster, around Bromsgrove and beyond Redditch down to Evesham, before heading towards Tewkesbury and back up to Malvern, around Teme Valley and then heading back to Tenbury.

During the mammoth challenge, Daniel will visit 37 destinations and take in some beautiful sights which will be shared through live streams and photograph updates – whilst getting to know residents from the county along the route.

Launched at The Hive, Worcester earlier this year, Daniel said: “Join me in raising funds to help support the incredible work done by Onside Advocacy in Worcestershire and beyond.

“I’ll be walking around the border of Worcestershire over the course of a week to raise £3,000 to support their overall aim to raise £25,000 for the charities’ 25th anniversary.”

Why Onside?

The work of Onside is never simple to describe, in the same way that Advocacy itself isn’t easy to describe.

But the work Onside do is vital to the County and to supporting many people who need support and a voice.  With those supported now over 4,000 and the number of people needing help and supporting working with Onside makes sense.

To see more about what Onside do in our community, please visit here.

You can follow Daniel on his journey over on Facebook here.

And to support Daniel in his challenge, please find out more here.