On our 20th anniversary Blue Print Direct Mail is Growing and Moving

We wish to share our good news. On the 9th of September we moved to new premises.

Expanding our Direct Mail services to include creatives, laser printing, fulfilment and stock management, we have helped customers to increase response rates. We can provide GDPR compliant, partially addressed data for growth campaigns and clean customer data to remove poor addresses, giving a higher ROI.

Blue Print, moved to Hampton Lovett three years ago (5,000sqft.). After investing in new equipment, staff development and employing industry-respected staff; we need to move again. To keep our treasured staff and our highly valued customers, we moved nearby to Unit 11 Wassage Way, Hampton Lovett (13,000sqft),

With a total commitment to the environment, security and quality, there was no interruption to our commitments during this period. We also kept our telephone number: 01905 621 118,