OLPRO are collaborating with University of Worcester’s Graphic Design Students to Develop Sustainable Packaging Concept Work for New Camping Product Range

OLPRO, the B Corp-certified camping and outdoor brand, is partnering with the University of Worcester’s Graphic Design students to revolutionize the camping industry. This collaboration focuses on developing sustainable packaging for OLPRO’s upcoming camping product range, showcasing a commitment to environmental responsibility.

By working with the University of Worcester, known for teaching green design and innovation, OLPRO aims to redefine industry packaging standards. The project involves close collaboration between OLPRO and the university’s students and faculty, leveraging their expertise in sustainable design practices. CEO Daniel Walton emphasizes the alignment of this initiative with OLPRO’s core values, emphasizing environmental stewardship. The partnership provides students with real-world experience, exploring innovative materials like mushroom-based packaging. Progress updates will be shared with the public, demonstrating the positive impact of this pioneering collaboration. The final concepts and solutions from the students are expected in January 2024, shaping OLPRO’s future packaging endeavors.