Oakland International Completes Racking Safety System Rollout

Supply chain solutions specialist, Oakland International, has completed a key investment in a unique warehouse racking safety system which removes the risk of racking collapse across its UK and Ireland business operations.

Rack Collapse Prevention’s (RCP) Rhino racking safety system protects the complete rack following leg impact damage and stops any potential domino effect happening within a storage facility.

Installing RCP’s racking safety system throughout their Redditch, Corby and Dublin operations ranged from one to three weeks depending on the size of the building, with Oakland’s storage facilities reaching heights of twelve to seventeen meters and racking run lengths anywhere from sixty meters and covering a total of seventy runs across all three sites.

RCP’s Managing Director, Craig Attwell, commented: “Oakland International understood the potential risks posed from racking collapse, to its staff and to its business security. RCP has valued partnering with Oakland International on this project.”