Nursery children enjoy first competitive Sports Day races

Children at Little Trinity Nursery in Kidderminster enjoyed their first ever competitive sports day.

Manager, Gaynor Carter, commented: “All the children love playing games and taking part in sport, so every year our younger children participate in a group sports day joined by their parents, whilst our older children, from 3-years and up in the Red Ladybirds room, take part in their first ever competitive team sports day.”

Teams of Yellow, Red, Green and Blue raced, balanced, collected bean bags, pushed and ran with baby-buggies to win team races to the delight of their families. The eventual winner was the Red Team with 167 points.

“Introducing the children to a little bit of healthy competition helps them to prepare for the ups and downs that they will experience when they leave Little Trinity and enter mainstream school. Competitive or non-competitive, fun is the key in everything we do.”