NMITE’s cohort activities

NMITE’s Explorer Cohort arrived in January and are already proving to be valuable members of the student community. An eventful Welcome Week introduced them to all things NMITE, from course structure to welfare, as well as a chance to see, feel and taste everything that Hereford has to offer.

Their first team engineering challenge was to create a giant marble run out of miscellaneous items such as cardboard tubes, vacuum cleaner hoses and wood offcuts. Watch the video here to see what they came up with.

The Pioneer Cohort also reached new heights during their Statics and Structures module as they took on a brief set by Hereford-based climbing and bouldering company, The Boulder Barn.

Their challenge was to design a free-standing outdoor climbing wall which would remain stable under multiple stresses such as wind, gravity, the “dead load” of the wall itself and the “live load” of several moving climbers.

A key part of any design process is to gain an understanding of the end user, so the assiduous leaners took a trip to the Boulder Barn to gain first hand experience of the climbing walls.