Nifty Communications To Build Digital Strategy For TSG

Nifty Communications is delighted to announce TSG UK has chosen them as their communications agency during an exciting time for the company.

TSG provides a wide array of solutions combining equipment sales, services and projects, to the energy distribution networks, both retail and non-retail, aimed at fuelling mobility across Europe and Africa.

Nifty Communications has been tasked to drive awareness of TSG Fuel Retail, TSG Fleet, TSG Wash, TSG Systems, TSG Gas and TSG Charge, which provides a wide range of future-proof charging solutions for all brands and models of electric cars.

Henry Simpson, Managing Director of TSG, said: ‘We are delighted to be working with Nifty Communications during a transformative time for TSG. The company has a clear roadmap for the next five years and we’re looking forward to working with Nifty to ensure this is communicated effectively to our customers across the UK.’

Christian Collison, Managing Director of Nifty Communications, added: ‘At Nifty, we follow the data to create compelling content, positioned and amplified through an integrated marketing strategy to reach new and existing audiences, we call it the Niftyverse. We’re delighted to be working with TSG during this exciting phase of the company’s history to build a robust communications strategy that effectively communicates TSG’s industry-leading services.’

Further to implementing an engaging digital strategy, Nifty Communications will manage video case-study creation and social media optimisation activities.