NMITE has confirmed the appointment of David Oloke as its new Chief Academic Officer and first Professor of Civil Engineering.  David will take up the role and the leadership of NMITE’s academic mission in February 2024, an exciting year for NMITE as it will see its first graduates, the pioneers who, in September 2021, embarked on the accelerated Master’s Degree in Engineering.  The appointment of an experienced civil engineer to NMITE’s leadership team will further drive NMITE’s commitment to the sustainable built environment, a key area of NMITE’s academic focus.


David joins from the University of Brighton where he holds the senior role of Head of Technical Education and Apprenticeships, having previously worked at the University of Wolverhampton in the School of Architecture and Built Environment as well as in the engineering sector.  This combination of higher education innovation with real-world experience and his extensive body of published work is always valued at NMITE.  His experience in the strategic leadership of Higher Technical Education in terms of programme planning, development and delivery, the development of several engineering and built environment programmes and courses in addition to transnational education and post-graduate research degrees will add to NMITE’s expertise. 


“David’s extensive experience in technical education and his work to incorporate skills and employability into an academic curriculum will be of great benefit to us” says James Newby, President & Chief Executive at NMITE.  “His experience and skills are closely aligned to NMITE’s strategic priorities.  Recognising that there is always more that we can do for the organisation and our students, David will build on an impressive legacy as our new Chief Academic Officer and will lead the development of new programmes and partnerships which will enhance our impact”.


“For me this is a perfect opportunity to combine all my experience and interests in the one opportunity. I was incredibly impressed by the quality of NMITE’s leadership and the academic team and I look forward to help shape the future for the organisation in line with its vision” explains David.  “My role will allow me to review the already robust systems across the organisation including governance and student feedback and bring my networks to enhance the work of, for example the Centre for Advanced Timber Technology (CATT) and the Centre for Automated Manufacturing (CAM).”


David is a Chartered Engineer and Chartered Construction Manager being a Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers and the Chartered Institute of Building.  Two examples of David Oloke’s link to the current engineering education landscape can be seen in a recent guest editorial covering the resilience and responsiveness of the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) sector1 and another covering the impact of the pandemic on the sustainable built environment2.  The AEC sector research highlighted various dimensions of the resilient and responsive nature of the sector from a global perspective to help underpin the work of researchers, academics, and practitioners. Building on this theme, the pandemic impact article provided information on improving the delivery of built environment degree apprenticeships during disruptive events.



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