Mindfulness and Compassion in Business

Mindfulness and Compassion in Business?

In March 2018 figures published by the Health and Safety Executive show nationally about 12.5m days are lost to Work Related Stress (WRS). Mindfulness and compassion training can improve workplace relationships, outcomes and employee wellbeing.

Getting the most out of employees in terms of productivity, creativity and excellence depends mainly on one thing – relationships that are built on a high degree of trust, cultivated amongst people within any organisation.

Combining compassion with the documented benefits of mindfulness improves self-regulation of attention, emotional and behavioural reactivity. There can be the achievement of performance buffering in the workplace from factors that disrupt attention. Stabilising and controlling attention, improving cognitive capacity and flexibility, mindfulness and compassion can promote dexterity and resilience in responding to environmental turbulence and discontinuity. In this challenging financial and business climate it may be that these skills can help to surf the turbulence.

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