Midlands based MGTS, a leading specialist training provider for engineering food maintenance and food process manufacturing industries have announced it has doubled its capacity in delivering apprenticeships for the food and drink industry.

The employer-led and membership based charity is celebrating this announcement with an official opening on Friday, 5 July by Redditch MP, Rachel Maclean.

MGTS already train 800 apprentices at any one time across the whole of the engineering industry.  It has invested in its Redditch facility and has doubled the space devoted to apprenticeship training for the food industry by 355m2, refurbishing and equipping this space with industry standard equipment.

The additional workspace supports the demand of an ever-growing food and drink engineering maintenance apprenticeship programme.  MGTS has already delivered this apprenticeship programme for seven years at its engineering academy within Reasheath College with increasing numbers of starts each year.

The additional space enables MGTS to build on its offering to budding engineers from around the UK and local firms.  Already working with the cream of the food and drink industry, including Müller, Arla, Ferrero, Dairy Crest, Morrisons and Heineken, this expansion will help the whole of the food and drink industry to recruit much needed, highly skilled engineers.

David Bridgens, CEO of MGTS, said “The country needs skilled engineers and that applies particularly to the food and drink industry.  We are playing our part by increasing the numbers of apprentices.  This would mean that our yearly intake capacity would be 100; circa 50 at each site.  This is a fantastic time to build a career in food process manufacturing and we can help individuals develop the necessary skills and businesses recruit a trained workforce.  Its’ a win-win for everyone involved.”

Quote from Employer  – Naboth Tinarwo, Arla Foods

 Engineering and maintenance skills are of vital importance to Food and Drink sector. Our dairy industry like any other in the UK is faced with massive engineering skills shortage needed to drive efficiency, innovation and productivity. Arla Foods and MGTS have been tirelessly working together for the past 10 years to developing these engineering skills and will continue to do so in order deliver these capabilities. Arla foods welcomes the huge investment and commitment that MGTS is putting in increasing of training capacity and infrastructure, and I convinced that we share the same ambition and we will continue to recruit more apprenticeship through this programme.”

Quote from Apprentice – Brandon Smith, Morrisons

 Since starting my career as an engineer I have noticed myself viewing everyday situations a lot more logically.  It has introduced me to new subjects I never thought I would be interested in.

 For more information visit or or email Kim Biggins if you would like to attend the opening day.