Meet our new members – National Business Register (NBR)

National Business Register (NBR), was founded in 1984 aiming to assist businesses with name protection, company formation, registered design, and trade mark services.
Having been acquired in 2020, there is now a team of 7 assisting businesses both locally and nationwide.
NBR is the parent company undertaking traditional Intellectual Property (IP) work covering design and trade mark searches, applications, oppositions, general IP consultancy and watching searches.

START.BIZ is now the start-up arm of the business specialising in Business Name Registration and Protection. This ensures businesses starting out are selecting and registering available business names and avoiding the headache of infringement issues later on whilst protecting their own business name against ‘passing off’.

Why is IP Protection crucial?

Did you know that 70% of your business value.
Whether you’re raising investment, finance or just looking to prevent competitors from benefiting from your brand’s reputation, protection is key.
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