Love it or List it

Lee and Mair Whittington are bringing their experience in buying and selling houses to anyone thinking of facing the challenges of making a move.

When you’ve moved house over twenty times, you’re going to know a thing or two about the property market. Going through the buying and selling process that many times exposes you to different real estate transactions, allowing you to gain valuable practical knowledge. This knowledge can be advantageous when advising others on the process, offering insights on potential challenges and how to overcome them.

Each buying and moving experience offers opportunities for reflection. Whether it’s a smooth journey or a challenging one, you can learn from both the successes and the failures. Having personal experience of buying and moving homes multiple times can provide many benefits when setting up your own estate agency as husband and wife team Lee and Mair Whittington know only too well.

Property renovation and interior design has never been a chore for Lee and Mair it’s always been a passion and it seems moving house must be too, as they have chalked up twenty plus moves which ultimately led them both to leave their corporate careers behind to set up a concierge estate agency service. “Having personally experienced so many house moves which ranged from large seafront Victorian villas in Southwest Scotland to a houseboat on the Isle of Wight we know the ups and downs,” said Mair.

This amalgamated approach, of advising on both selling or renovating, benefit clients immeasurably Lee says. “Having a single point of contact from the first meeting to the completion of a sale builds a stronger relationship between client and agent. Our sole purpose is to help clients present their property to the appropriate target market, achieving the best selling price in the shortest time.

“This service could include staging, adding some interior design tips or drawing up plans to show viewers the potential of a property like a new kitchen or extension. We aim to remove the strain from the sales chain and present clients’ homes in the very best light to help viewers picture themselves living there.”