Local business, Frontline Cleaning, works on DIY SOS project

Frontline Cleaning had the privilege of helping Nick Knowles, Billy, Mark, Chris and Jules from DIY SOS to convert the home of Johanna and William in Bromsgrove.

Johanna’s little sister, Karis, has Cerebral Palsy, uses a wheelchair and needs constant care. Her mother’s health deteriorating and no longer able to care for Karis, the only alternative was to move into an old age home.

Hundreds of people and many businesses grouped together to help give this family another option. A group of Frontline Cleaning staff gave up work time to help on this build. The local firm cleaned floors, bathrooms, the lift and even ended up helping take stickers off the ornaments.

Whilst a new experience and, at times chaotic, the Frontline Cleaning team were proud to be involved in such a touching project. Everything seemed to fall into place in the end, the best moment of their whole time was standing before the family outside their new home facing a new future.

Congratulations to the Frontline Cleaning and DIY SOS teams!