Lessons from the Front Line

Business and life lessons from lives less ordinary in the Police and the Army

Martin and Jason will deliver by way of some interesting tales from their careers in the Police and Army that will highlight some invaluable lessons that have been learned the hard way that we can all apply in our business and personal lives.

Come along and join us for an entertaining and educational afternoon, meet and network with some cracking folk and have a good laugh at our foibles and follies – and hopefully learn something in the process.

Martin Firman joined the Police Service via the Cadet system in the late 1960’s and subsequently served in all major police departments as a Uniformed and Detective Sgt and thereafter as both a Uniformed and Detective Inspector. This was followed by a period of some 8 yrs in the Corporate World as Head of Security and Internal Audit for one of the Major Food Retailers. Over the last 20 plus years he has been self employed running his own businesses.

Jason French joined the British Army as an Infantry Officer in February 1999. He was on his first tour of Northern Ireland during 9/11 when the world changed – especially for soldiers everywhere. He became fascinated with the idea of ‘organisational design’ when he had to change his Rifle Platoon in to a fire station during the fire strikes of 2002-3 and decided at that point that he wanted to become a business advisor after the service. Seventeen years later with service in Northern Ireland, Cyprus, the Falklands, Iraq, Germany the US and Afghanistan, he was still serving – now as an instructor in strategic planning for Army joint staffs. This experience he brought forward into his Business Doctors Consultancy which he runs alongside his Property Letting business.

If you are interested in coming along, the link is: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/business-and-life-lessons-from-the-front-line-tickets-61782879255