Learning on-the-go: EG People Development launches new eLearning offering

Malvern-based business EG People Development, led by Liz Gait, unveiled their new online learning platform at the Herefordshire & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce’s recent Business Expo.

EG People Development officially launched their eLearning programme at the annual Business Expo hosted by the local Chamber of Commerce, held at the Three Counties Showground this week.

EG People Development, in collaboration with local business Indegu, was proud to introduce its latest offering at the event which hosted 117 exhibitors and around 700 attendees. It features Andi Lothian’s globally recognised Insights Discovery tool, embraced by businesses from the Expedia Group to Travis Perkins. The Insights Discovery model, with its four distinct colours – Cool Blue, Earth Green, Fiery Red, and Sunshine Yellow.

Liz explains: “The model helps us understand workplace preferences, enabling better self-awareness and effective interpersonal connections.

Our eLearning programme guides you through comprehending these colour preferences, deconstructing the Insights Discovery preferences wheel and emphasising the crucial role of self-awareness in enhancing Emotional Intelligence (EQ). If you’re unfamiliar with EQ, it stands apart from IQ, focusing on self-awareness, motivations, emotional triggers, empathy and communication. By honing these skills, you can become a highly effective individual in the workplace, avoiding communication pitfalls and potential conflicts.

EG People Development’s eLearning solution addresses these challenges head-on.”

Working collaboratively with Indegu – which has a rich history of delivering award-winning online training to SMEs, government organisations, charities and the education sector – the new offering was launched locally at the recent Expo.

Tracey Marlow-Jones, Director at Indegu, alongside business partner Matt Cox, remarked: “We are thrilled to support Liz with her new eLearning platform, designed to empower individuals and organisations alike to share, manage and monetise their knowledge and expertise online. At Indegu, we guide our clients through every step of this transformative journey, from converting knowledge into engaging online content, to launching successful courses.”

Gone are the days of struggling to share knowledge online. Liz Gait emphasised, “For organisations seeking to venture into the online content market, the platform simplifies the process. We provided the content and, with Indegu’s expertise, crafted engaging, interactive learning experiences for clients and potential new clients.”

Sharon Smith, CEO of the local Chamber of Commerce, praised EG People Development, Indegu and the Business Expo stating: “The Chamber’s Expo has always been a platform for businesses to showcase their innovative products and services. This year is no exception. It truly encapsulates the vibrancy, innovation and professionalism of the Herefordshire & Worcestershire business community.”

If you’d like to learn more about improving your workplace dynamics via an insightful eLearning programme, EG People Development’s new offering might be just the job!

For more details, please contact Liz Gait at liz@egpeopledevelopment.com or visit www.egpeopledevelopment.com.