Kidderminster Nursery Enjoy Taste of Chinese New Year

Little Trinity Nursery in Kidderminster enjoyed their Chinese New Year celebrations tasting traditional foods and taking part in a Dragon Dance.
Nursery Manager, Gaynor Carter, said: “We always try to incorporate celebrations and festivals from a wide range of cultures so that the children can gain an appreciation and understanding of the many traditions and people of the world.”
Promoting Understanding the World as part of EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) offers the children numerous opportunities to discuss and participate in a variety of traditions and experiences that they may not experience in their home life.
“Celebrating Chinese New Year is always fun with the children really enjoying their food tasting at morning snack time and our 2 and 3-year-old children in the Green Caterpillar and Yellow Bumble-Bee classes thoroughly enjoying making their very own dragon for their Dragon Dance in PE. Lots of fun was had by us all.”