Kidderminster Harriers drive Little Trinity Nursery football crazy

Officially the football season is over but not for youngsters at Little Trinity Nursery in Kidderminster, who look forward to their weekly football-training sessions thanks to local football club Kidderminster Harriers.

Little Trinity Nursery manager, Gaynor Carter, said: “We introduced football into nursery about five years ago with the help of Kidderminster Harriers Football Club, and since then it has flourished and become extremely popular with all our children and their parents who love to see their little ones learn how to kick and chase a football.”

A fantastic way to keep fit and to make the best of the great outdoors, and the indoor gym when wet; playing football with Kidderminster Harriers is now part of the nursery’s regular sports activities and one of the many physical undertakings the nursery encourages, with ball skills aiding the development of gross motor movement as well as co-ordination, balance and listening skills.