Kickstart 2024 with a new website

New year, new you? How many of these emails have you received since the beginning of the year? Although these emails can get a little tired after a while, the message is important. It’s a great time to consider your marketing, your business goals and how you want to present your business in 2024.

A website is one of your most powerful tools for your business. With the ever-growing digital age, websites are becoming the main reference points for a business, your website is now more than ever, your shop window.

Here’s a few questions to help you answer the question… do I need a new website in 2024?

Is your website out of date?

If your website is out of date, it is potentially outdating your business. Perhaps your social media feed is linked to it and hasn’t posted since 2022. It suddenly looks 2 years old and doesn’t send the right message to your potential customers. As a result, links may not be working, and this may not provide good user experience or showcasing your brand in the best and most current light. Modernising and updating your online presence confirms to your audience that you’re keeping up with the times as a business.

More importantly, this ensures that your users find all of the information that they need quickly and simply.

Is your website made for mobile?

We are now living in a mobile first world, where it’s more common for users to engage with your website on their mobile before other devices. Having a website that’s not mobile-friendly can be a significant disadvantage. Create a responsive design that looks great on all devices giving seamless user experience.

Are you getting leads from your website?

Considering how important it is to have a website that acts as a shop window, if you haven’t received any leads from it in a while might suggest it’s not working for you. Customers will usually check your website out which you should be able to see via analytics and use a contact form to make initial contact. It’s common to hear customers say“ I was looking at your website and wanted to know more about….”.

If this isn’t happening – it may be time to think about an updated version to make audiences want to communicate and engage with you.

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Has Your Brand Evolved, changed and grown since the last website update?
As your brand evolves and grows, so should your website. Perhaps you’ve had a busy couple of months or years and your website is now presenting an out-of-date version of your business. A new website can help you showcase your brand’s updated message, products, or services and make a stronger connection with your target audience.

Are you ready to get started? Let’s define your goals, look at your competition and create a website presenting your business in the best possible way. Book in a discovery call to start the conversation today.