Ledbury-based high tech coatings application company Cleftbridge Limited is sponsoring the third annual Colour Run around Leominster, with a theme for 2024 of ‘Hawaiian Beach’.

The event is organised by ECHO, an independent Herefordshire-based charity that organizes activities for local people with moderate or severe learning difficulties, or physical and sensory impairments. All money raised will enable nearly 400 members and volunteers to continue providing a variety of projects across the county.

Dawn Stares, Business Development Manager at Cleftbridge, said;

“ At Cleftbridge we offer a wide range of coating and paint applications that can fulfil a need for anything from long-life durability, heat and weather resistance or anti-microbial properties, to low abrasion or a high gloss finish. So, it seemed a perfect ‘fit’ for us to join a Colour Run, show our true colours and support ECHO as a local charity that has given so much for nearly 25 years. I should mention that everyone crossing the finish line will be covered from head-to-toe in safe, bio-degradable paints that do wash out !! “

The Colour Run around Leominster will be held on Saturday 8th June. Find more information at https://www.echoherefordshire.org.uk/hawaiian-colourfest/