Is your school protected over the summer holidays?

As another school year comes to an end and the six weeks summer holidays are on the horizon, the education sector are being warned of a potential rise in criminal activity over this vulnerable period when their premises is largely unoccupied.

Due to the cost-of-living crisis and inflation, schools are being urged to ensure they put extra measures in place to help protect their premises from would-be-offenders. Over the summer months schools are more likely to be targeted with crimes such as vandalism, arson, break-ins, smashed windows, theft of lead from roofs and stolen laptops.

There are a number of ways that schools can help protect themselves over the summer holidays to ensure offenders are kept at bay, these include:

  • Check that your current intruder alarms are working correctly and where possible install remotely monitored intruder alarms. Change alarm security codes and passwords on a regular basis.
  • Ensure CCTV systems have 24/7 remote monitoring services.
  • Install a security lighting system if one is not already present and make sure it is tested regularly.
  • Restrict access to the school premises including vehicles.
  • Security marking systems such as Smart Water, can help with the prosecution of criminals if a theft takes place onsite.
  • Put valuable items out of view, preferably in locked stores.
  • If your doors and gates have keypads change the codes. If you have security key fobs make sure old users are deactivated.
  • Ensure combustible materials and rubbish bins are not left next to buildings.
  • Consider anti climb paint on walls and downpipes.
  • Look at the option of using a keyholder security company to respond to intruder alarms, the cost can be surprisingly cost effective.
  • The local community can also act as additional eyes and ears to help spot and report any suspicious activity.
  • Review your insurance to check you have the right level of cover.

Sutcliffe & Co Insurance Brokers are experienced and knowledgeable in insurance for schools, helping you assess your risks and discussing potential ways to safeguard your property.  Now is the perfect time to put measures in place and review your insurance policy to check you have the right cover for your school before the term ends.

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