Introducing TIEM Design and Business Space Midlands

TIEM Design are a talented, innovative marketing agency based in Worcestershire and work with businesses all over the country.
Formed during the global pandemic of Covid-19, TIEM Design was created to provide marketing solutions, as a response to the financial crisis felt across the world by the months of national lockdown. We aim to make marketing affordable and effective for our clients.

With many years of experience working in the marketing industry, TIEM Design brought marketing agency standards to businesses who needed help to survive the lockdown, reaching beyond Worcestershire and across the world through remote working and digital marketing.

We are a marketing team that were winning awards within the first year of business while proudly supporting local businesses across the world.

Our services range from website design and build, graphic design, print, content writing, SEO support, Social media support, strategic marketing, exhibitions, brand identity and much more!

How do we do it?
Firstly, our marketing solutions always begin with a discovery call. A conversation where we listen to our clients…and ask questions (a lot!). We have a well-developed approach to creating a strong starting point for our collaborative client relationships. We know this leads to stronger marketing solutions.

Secondly, once we have gathered as much information as we can, we go away and meet as a team. Afterward, we research further, we talk (a lot!), and we come up with a marketing plan.

Thirdly, we make our presentation or marketing proposal. This is where you can see the potential for the marketing solutions we can offer. This is always a work in progress, and we are ready to collaborate to make sure that we set up our joint project correctly.

Introducing Business Space Midlands.
In 2023, we launched Business Space Midlands, a business blog platform sharing steps towards sustainability, allowing businesses to register as a member, create a listing and contribute to our collaborative blog. These activities are designed to help a business’s organic SEO.

Business owners know the importance of getting found on search engines and the incredible cost of getting your website to rank on search pages. Building real connections with trust and authenticity is vital to success in business, just as it is for your company website. Organic SEO can be time-consuming, so BSM is an opportunity to build a simple and cost-effective strategy, using the expertise of your staff team to build your SEO and website domain authority.

Members are given the place to share their work in becoming more sustainable in the way they work. Our Business Space Blog is where you can share the work you are doing to develop your positive contribution as global citizens, looking to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a foundation to guide and support how we do better to be better. We are proud to be based in the West Midlands, the heart of England. A diverse and multicultural place for a vast and innovative variety of companies born to thrive.

Visit TIEM Design or Business Space Midlands to find out more, or get in touch today.
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